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Shortys - Guilty

 Section: Intro
 Artist: Z-Trip
 Title: Rockstar II
 Album: Bomb DJ's
 Label: Z-Trip Music
 Section: Steve Olson Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Ol' Dirty Bastard
 Title: Proteck Ya Neck II in the Zoo
 Album: Return to the 36 Chambers
 Label: Elektra/Asylum
 Section: Toan Nguyen #1 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: A Tribe Called Quest
 Title: Show Business
 Album: Low End Theory
 Label: Jive
 Section: Toan Nguyen #2 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The James Taylor Quartet
 Title: One Way Street
 Album: The Money Spyder Soundtrack
 Label: Hollywood Records
 Section: Sammy Baptista Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Guru
 Title: Take Cover
 Album: Organized Rhymes (Various Artists)
 Label: Intersound
 Section: Jesse Silvey Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The J.B.'s
 Title: Damn Right, I'm Somebody
 Album: Pass the Peas: The Best of the JB's
 Label: Polygram Records
 Section: Brandon Turner
 Artist: Destro & Lil' B By Tha Fedaralz
 Title: If You Don't Know, Now You Know
 Section: Peter Smolik Intro
 Artist: John Savino
 Section: Peter Smolik
 Artist: Tha Fedaralz - Moca, Xact, Xist, Destro, No-Alias, Oshen, MP
 Section: Chad Muska
 Artist: Muskabeatz
 Title: Reprazent
 Album: One Two One Two Album
 Label: Muskabeatz
 Section: Credits Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Track Squad
 Title: Poke It Out
 Album: Got That Stank
 Label: Wing Span Records

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