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Shortys - Fulfill the Dream

 Section: Intro #1
 Artist: Bugs
 Title: Colors and Squares
 Album: Audio Alchemy 2
 Label: Ubiquity Records
 Section: Intro #2 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Mixmaster Mike
 Title: Terrorwrist
 Album: Return of the DJ Vol.1
 Label: Bomb Hip Hop Records
 Section: Steve Olson #1 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Gang Starr
 Title: Above the Clouds
 Album: Moment of Truth
 Label: Virgin Records
 Section: Steve Olson #2 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Gravediggaz
 Title: Diary of a Madman
 Album: 6 Feet Deep
 Label: V2./Bmg
 Section: Summer Tour Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Ennio Morricone
 Title: Guns Don't Argue
 Album: The Legendary Italian Westerns
 Label: Rca
 Section: Aaron Snyder Intro Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Marvin Gaye
 Title: You're All I Need to Get By
 Album: The Very Best of Marvin Gaye
 Label: Motown Records
 Section: Aaron Snyder
 Artist: Haj F/ Karimah
 Title: Consequences
 Label: Construktive R.U.K.U.S.
 Section: Toan Nguyen Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Genius
 Title: Pass the Bone
 Album: Words from the Genius
 Label: Cold Chillin Records
 Section: Toan Nguyen the Magician Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The Lovin' Spoonful
 Title: Do You Believe in Magic?
 Album: The Lovin' Spoonful Greatest Hits
 Label: Buddha/Bmg
 Section: Sammy Baptista Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The Beatnuts
 Title: Off the Books
 Album: Stone Crazy
 Label: Loud Records
 Section: Claymation Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Youth Brigade
 Title: Men in Blue (Part1)
 Album: Sink with Kalifornija
 Label: Better Youth Organization
 Section: Jesse Silvey Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: X-Ecutioners
 Title: The Countdown
 Album: X-Pressions
 Label: Asphodel
 Section: Tea Bowls Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Cat Stevens
 Title: Where Do the Children Play?
 Album: The Very Best of Cat Stevens
 Label: Polygram Records
 Section: Brandon Turner Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Company Flow
 Title: Collude/Intrude
 Album: Funcrusher Plus
 Label: Priority Records
 Section: Peter Smolik Intro Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The Rocky Orchestra
 Title: Gonna Fly Now
 Album: The Rocky Story Soundtrack
 Label: Scotti Brothers
 Section: Peter Smolik
 Artist: Made for his Part by DJ Mike Czech &
 Title: Destro/M.P. AKA Seargant Slaugher/John Sevino
 Section: Chad Muska Intro #1 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Hi-Fi Killers
 Title: A Mind Is a Terrible Thang
 Album: Loaded
 Label: Loose Groove Records
 Section: Chad Muska Intro #2 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Eliades Ochoa
 Title: Chan Chan
 Album: Buena Vista Social Club
 Label: Wea/Atlantic/Nonesuch Records
 Section: Chad Muska
 Artist: Chad Muska
 Label: Muska Beats
 Section: Credits Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
 Title: The Tears of a Clown
 Album: The Ultimate Collection
 Label: Motown/Pgd Records

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