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Emerica Shoes - This Is Skateboarding

 Section: Intro Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Tortoise
 Title: Seneca
 Album: Standards
 Label: Thrill Jockey
 Section: Heath Kirchart
 Artist: Mellow
 Title: Shinda Shima
 Album: Another Mellow Spring
 Label: CyberOctave
 Section: Bryan Herman Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The Richmond Sluts
 Title: Drive Me Wild
 Album: The Richmond Sluts
 Label: Disaster Records
 Section: Ed Templeton Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Butter 08
 Title: It's the Rage
 Album: Butter 08
 Label: Grand Royal Records
 Section: Austin Stephens Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Belle & Sebastian
 Title: I Don't Love Anyone
 Album: Tigermilk
 Label: Matador Records
 Section: Aaron Suski
 Artist: Habanero
 Title: Eva
 Section: Montage
 Artist: Bleed the Sky
 Title: Track 2
 Section: Darren
 Artist: Jesse & Josh of Operatic
 Title: Sheblacc
 Section: Erik Ellington Listen & Buy
 Artist: Danzig
 Title: 777
 Album: Danzig 2: Lucifuge
 Label: American Recordings
 Section: Tosh Townend Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Lee Perry & The Upsetters
 Title: Blackboard Jungle Dub
 Album: Blackboard Jungle Dub
 Label: Clocktower
 Section: Chris Senn
 Artist: Jesse & Josh of Operatic
 Title: Senn Dog
 Section: Kevin "Spanky" Long Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The Cure
 Title: Close to Me
 Album: The Cure - Greatest Hits
 Label: Elektra/Asylum
 Section: Andrew Reynolds Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Jimi Hendrix
 Title: Burning of the Midnight Lamp
 Album: Electric Ladyland
 Label: Hendrix Experience
 Section: Credits Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Mogwai
 Title: Tracy (Kid Loco's Playing with the Young Team Remix)
 Album: Kicking A Dead Pig: Mogwai Songs Remixed + Fear Satan Remixes
 Label: Jetset Records

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