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Puzzle #18

 Section: Jumble Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: M83
 Title: Night
 Album: M83
 Label: Virgin Records
 Section: One Week With - Jean Postec (France) Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Asian Dub Foundation
 Title: Riddim I Like
 Album: Community Music
 Label: Emi Int'l
 Section: Event - Marseille Bowl Riders, Prague Mistik Cup, Lausanne GP Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Interpol
 Title: Untitled
 Album: Turn on the Bright Lights
 Label: Matador Records
 Section: 5 Guys - Luc Kämpfen, Jan Kliewer, Wilfried Mandereau, Stefan Jacobsen, Alex Carolino
 Artist: Dwayne Sodahberk
 Title: Devoiced
 Album: Meow050 - And the Beat Goes Off!
 Label: Tigerbeat6 Music
 Section: Credits Listen & Buy
 Artist: Nada Surf
 Title: Happy Kid
 Album: Let Go
 Label: Emi

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