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Chocolate - The Chocolate Tour

 Section: Tim Gavin Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Creation
 Title: Making Time
 Album: Vol.1 Making Time
 Label: Sin-Drome Records
 Section: Intro Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Kraftwerk
 Title: It's More Fun to Compute
 Album: Computer World
 Label: Elektra/Asylum
 Section: Mike York Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: CB4 (Daddy-O
 Title: Straight Out of Locash
 Album: CB4 Soundtrack
 Label: MCA Records
 Section: Cop Scene #1 Listen & Buy
 Artist: Harlem River Drive
 Title: Harlem River Drive
 Album: Harlem River Drive
 Label: Scorpio
 Section: Tony Ferguson Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The Beatnuts
 Title: Watch Out Now
 Album: Musical Massacre
 Label: Loud Records
 Section: Chico Brenes Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Manu Dibango
 Title: New Bell
 Album: Club Africa Sampler Vol.2
 Label: Strut Records
 Section: Girl Montage Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Public Enemy
 Title: Welcome to the Terrordome Instrumental
 Album: The MM Collection:The Best of Public Enemy
 Label: Universal
 Section: Richard Mulder Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Chocolate Milk
 Title: Action Speaks Louder Than Words
 Album: Ice Cold Funk
 Label: Razor & Tie
 Section: Danny Neumonic Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Kraftwerk
 Title: Home Computer
 Album: Computer World
 Label: Elektra/Asylum
 Section: Daniel Castillo
 Artist: Public Enemy
 Title: Terror Metal
 Label: Def Jam
 Section: Mike Carrol Listen & Buy
 Artist: Andre Nickatina
 Title: Crack Raider Razor
 Album: Raven In My Eyes
 Label: Dogday Records
 Section: Eric Koston Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Master P
 Title: Make Em Say Uhh 2
 Album: MP Da Lost Don
 Label: Priority Records
 Section: Robbie McKinley
 Artist: The Mohawks
 Title: The Champ
 Label: Duncan Records
 Section: Paulo Diaz
 Artist: Paulo Diaz, Ross Hunter, Greg
 Section: Keenan Milton Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Rakim
 Title: New York (Ya' Out There)
 Album: The 18th Letter/Book of Life
 Label: Universal Records
 Section: Scott Johnston Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: The High & Mighty
 Title: B-Boy Document 99 Instrumental
 Album: Home Field Advantage
 Label: Priority Records
 Section: Hotel Scene
 Artist: Rudy Johnson & Hyme Hernandez
 Title: Bosa Nova from the Brazilian Folk
 Label: Iomi Records
 Section: Gino Iannucci Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Genius/GZA
 Title: Publicity
 Album: Beneath the Surface
 Label: MCA Records
 Section: Old Men Getting Kicked Out Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelly
 Title: Love's Melody
 Album: Souveniers
 Label: Polygram Records
 Section: Stevie Williams Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Big L
 Title: Size Em Up Instrumental
 Album: The Big Picture
 Label: Priority Records
 Section: Credits #1 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: J. Geils Band
 Title: Freeze-Frame
 Album: Freeze Frame
 Label: Capitol Records
 Section: Credits #2 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: Cat Stevens
 Title: The Wind
 Album: The Very Best of Cat Stevens
 Label: Polygram Records
 Section: Credits #3 Listen & Buy
Listen & Buy
 Artist: John Lennon
 Title: Oh Yoko!
 Album: Imagine
 Label: Capitol Records

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